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destigmatizing mental illness, mental health, emotional support
This community exists to provide SUPPORT for people struggling with a mental illness (especially in Singapore). Here is where 'it's ok to be not ok'. Here is where you're free to express your feelings, thoughts, or questions about your illness /condition/ neurosis. Come in here if you need to rant or shout out when life hurts. You're also welcome to post poetry/art/pictures to express yourself.

'Friends Only' posting is enabled.

This community is also for:
-care-givers to those with mental illness
-mental health professionals (health attendants, nurses, doctors)
-psychology undergrads interested in abnormal psychiatry
-people who wish to know more about mental illness
-anyone interested in holistic wellness

A few ground rules:
-if you're new, pls post an intro entry
-put lengthy/triggering entries under lj-cut
-be kind; we are in the same boat

hope83 and girlbydefault have kindly volunteered to be co-mods.

Some links about mental health in Singapore:
-http://www.imh.com.sg (Institute of Mental Health)
-http://www.samhealth.org.sg (Singapore Association of Mental Health)
-http://www.nuh.com.sg/ourServices/medicalServices/psychologicalMedicine/psychologicalMedicine.htm (National University Hospital)
-http://www.imh.com.sg/our_services/child_guidance%20.htm (Child Guidance Clinic)

CRISIS numbers:
-SOS (24-hr): 1800 2214444
-IMH crisis: 6389 2222

You would want to know the Silver Ribbon project. See the introduction here: http://community.livejournal.com/sg_mentalhealth/13685.html