a fathers journey

(Please know that this isn't a plug so much as its a reminder that people out there are trying to help us brake the stigma and find support.)

My name is Kristen and my sister is schizophrenic. I suffer from bipolar and PTSD, my brother from anxiety and PTSD and both of my parents from depression. Mental illness runs deep in my family.

My dad is currently running across country (the USA) trying to break the stigma and raise awareness and funds for mental health research. Because so few people want to talk about it as an issue, he has had a great deal of trouble getting this known. Look into it, he's trying to help us all.


please, pass this information forward, whether to friend, family member, neighbors or someone and anyone who could use a reminder that people are out there doing their best to help,  it could make a world of difference.


Meet-up Shout Out

So it's on! We're expecting a small group. Great for a cozy feeling and honest sharing. See you at 11.30am at Starbucks @ Cathay today. I'll be wearing a red top and my number's __________. Don't be shy!


It's been a long while, more than a year in fact. My blog here has collected dust, and I've been swept into a different world.
Somehow stumbled upon it just a while ago, and reading the posts on sg mentalhealth and the comments to my previous posts somehow made me feel like I'm back in a place where I'm understood; where equally strong people fight the pains of mental illness daily.
I would really want to be more active in my blog.

Hope all of you are doing awesome! :)

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Our club meet-up is on!


Those of you in Singapore, are you in favour of a year-end community gathering? Since we're in the same boat, I figure we can learn more about each other's path and trade life stories. The last meet-up was almost a year ago. I know it may be daunting to meet 5 or 6 strangers(average turnout) and chat over coffee, but let's just chill. We can talk about anything under the sun. We'll have good, clean fun, I promise. Bring a friend if you like.

The location: Starbucks at Cathay (nearest mrt: Dhoby Ghaut) (Any quieter Starbucks in town you can think of?)

Let's vote for our preferred time to meet:

1) 24 Nov Wed, from 4.30pm
2) 27 Nov Sat, from 11.30am
3) 3 Dec Fri, from 4.30pm


One of those days....

Today is really 1 of those days when I really feel like jumping off a bldg....a feeling which I've not had for a v long time already, the feeling which I thought I've 'recovered' from ever since I started seeing my psychatrist last year, a notion which seems so blissful if I have the courage to carry it out...

I felt I've been 'lying' to my doc...not that I did it on purpose, just that it's just in my character to always put up a smiling happy cheerful front no matter who I meet. I think in a way I've not been truthful to her; when she asks me at every session how I'm doing I'll always reply 'ok', when actually all I wanted to do is to think of a 'perfect' way to die, a way which will guarantee a painless but sure death yet also doesn't appear as a suicide.

Have you ever felt so helpless & lonely, such that although you're in a room full of ppl whom u know, u still feel as if the world has stopped revolving....as if everyone around u is a stranger to u, as if u're sufforcating??

new member!

 Hi all,

I came across this group via google. I'm so glad that a group such as this exists for Singaporeans dealing with mental illnesses to offer one another encouragement, help and support. It sucks to be alone, especially when one has to with both mental illness and the stigma from others. I skimmed through the group's postings. I feel really encouraged by everyone's strength in trying to come to grips with their illnesses and doing what they can to improve their lives. 

I've suffered from OCD since I was like 16 (am 30 this year). I'm getting better, thanks to the advances in internet technology that has allowed me to skype with a trained OCD therapist in the US. Before that, I relied on mainly self-help books, which helped, to some extent. Unfortunately, there isn't anyone in Singapore who really knows how to treat OCD. Anyway, is there anyone else with OCD out there? Would love to know more OCD-sufferers. I know how lonely this condition can make one feel. 

Take care, everyone! :)


One small change

One small change
Put $2 into a box each time you find yourself complaining
about (everyday) things that cannot be changed, or are out of your control.

At the end of the day, count the money and reflect. Journal if you like.
Then do whatever you want with the money.

good news

My therapist complimented me on my hard work in therapy, and for my containment outside of therapy. Containment means the ability to NOT act out, not engage in theatrics, and also to avoid crises. I blushed. Accepting compliments is hard for me.

Does my repeating the compliment amount to gloating? No, said Dr G. One can be stay humble and yet be proud of his/her achievements. I know I still have a long way to go.

We've had so many breakthroughs in therapy this year. Somehow I know one day I'll walk out of therapy, solid and stronger than ever.

How've you been doing? What's new on your side?